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A Little Happiness is a song featured in Power Instinct Matrimelee and Shin Goketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou no Kaihou. It was sung by Urami Masuyo and was used for Annie Hamilton and Kurara Hananokoji's stage.


Sabishii toki ni itsumo tachi yoru sabireta resutoran Whenever I'm feeling blue I drop in at this rundown restaurant
Kinen seki no katasumi de kyo mo hitori dake The non-smoking section is where I sit, today I'm all by myself, yet again
Kogoe de dasu chumon wa itsumo no hambaagu In a small voice I make my order: the hamburger steak set, it's what I always get
Dakedo hontou ni tabetai no wa tsukeawase no furaido poteto But what I really want to eat though, are the fries that come with it
Daisuki na mono wa saigo made nokoshite oku I love them the most, so I save them for last
Sore na no ni sore na no ni And yet today... and yet today...
Anata no shinjirarenai hitokoto You tell me something unbelievable...

(Kore o osageitashimasu ne.) (I'll just clear this plate away for you, ma'am.)


Chisana shiawase ubawanaide yo sagesumuyoni hoho emi nagara Don't steal my little bit of happiness. You mock me even as you smile
Chisana shiawase ubatta anata ishou uramimasu You, who stole my little bit of happiness, I'll curse your name forever.

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