Seigo Aihara
Seigo aihara0
BirthdateDecember 05, 1962
OccupationRadio Celebrity

Aihara Seigo((相原誠吾) )was a publicity manager at Atlus an one of the member of the development team of the Goketsuji Ichizoku series. He provided the voice for the characters Keith Wayne, Reiji Oyama, Sahad Asran Ryuto and Saizo Hattori. He just to use the alias Ryusei Yarou. Being credited in Power Instinct 2 and Power Instinct Legends as Ryusei Yarou Aihara. By the time of development of Power Instinct 2, he had a radio program in Kansai Radio along with Mitsuishi Kotono, to whom he invited to participate in Power Instinct 2 as the voice of Kurara Hananokoji.

In the videogame Pesona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal punishment, there is a character named Ryusei Yarou(Meteor Boy) alias Meteor Masa who is modeled after him.


Seigo side to side with Meteor Masa


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