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Bozude Dadada (坊主でダダダ) Is the song used as the theme for Thin Nen in Power Instinct 2. A remixed version of this song, which was called Bouzu Ga Abunai, was featured in Power Instinct Legends, also bits of the song where taken and mixed with the song Let's Go! Onmyoji  to create the new theme Let's go Onmyoji ji ji ji!! used in Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou used in Thin Nen stage. Dencyo incorporated the name of two of his favorite meals; Horai Bunta Man and Ramen. Horai Bunta Man is  Steamed Pork Buns and Kinryu Ramen is a ramen shop located in Dotonbori  which is one of the main tourist destinations in Osaka, Japan. Dencyu used to visit that ramen shop at the time of the development of Power Instinct 2. Another reason to have the name of these foods is to reflect Thin Nen's glutonery.


坊主でダダダ Bozude Dadada Monk is dadada
ふ~ん Fuuua! Fuuua!
流連荒亡 悪防盗泉 え~いっ! ryuu ren kou bou aku bou tousen Heeey ! Just enjoy and increase your greed heey !
色息世空 怪掠乱神 shoku iki yo sora kai ryaku ran kami The look of the sky in this era, Indicates that a war between gods is going to exploit
不釈身命 岐路亡羊 脱! fu shaku shinmei kiro bou hitsuji datsu ! Take a desicion and solve your life!
静! 声! 皆老同穴 sei ! shoumyou ! mina rou dou ana Peace! Cry ! All of us got a foot closer to the grave as we get older
流連荒亡 悪防盗泉 え~いっ! ryuu ren kou bou aku bou tousen Heeey ! Just enjoy and increase your greed heey !
臥薪嘗胆 画竜点睛 gashinshoutan garyoutensei Perseverance and determination

then do the finish touch

虎渓三笑 馬耳東風 絶! kokei sanshou warai bajitoufuu zetsu ! Totally ignore the Kokei Sanshou !
愚縛暫 寿楽斬 gu baku zan hisashi raku zan Erasing your folishness will grant you a long life
切歯扼腕 意馬心猿 かーっつ! sesshiyakuwan i uma kokoro saru ka ^ ttsu ! Be enraged and release your wordly desires!
鳳来豚漫 筋龍羅麺… Horai Buta Man, Kinryu Ramen Horai Buta Man, Kinryu Ramen
(セリフ) (Serifu) (Dialogue)
この世を支配せし 邪悪の根源よ kono yo wo shihai seshi jaaku no kongen yo In this life we decide what we want to become, the origin of evil
我の名において 即刻この場から


ware no mei nioite sokkoku kono ba kara tachi sare ! Is inside of all of us and will exist until we die!

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