Bristol Weller
Bristol Weller
NicknameThe other face of the darkness
Age35 years
BirthplaceBirmingham, England
Height191 cm
Weight70 kg
OccupationPresident of a certain international organization, with concurrent posts at various other organizations
HobbiesCharitable activity, hypocritical activity, watching people suffering
Attack specialtyKick attacks, demon summoning
"The world needs a strong, brilliant leader....Someone like me."
Groove On Fight

Bristol Weller (ブリストル・ウェラー) is a character in Groove On Fight, serving as the story's main villain. Bristol is actually revealed to be a demon in the final round of the game, going into an alternate appearance, Bristol-D.

About Bristol Edit

Born in a prominent family, Bristol is a very intelligent, yet hypocritical man. He achieved a good social status at a young age and has received several awards for his charity activities, but he uses this to hide his true personality. He is really a heartless, ambitious man that is able to do anything to get what he wants.

In recent years, he got a high rank inside the Gartheimer's company. Even with the success in his life, Bristol's ambition was to go beyond that; he made a pact with demons, so in exchange for supernatural power he must bring destruction and pain into the world.

Special moves Edit

  • Patriot Arrow
  • Axe Uppercut
  • Mach Flight
  • No Mercy
  • Goodbye
  • Public Execution

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Music Themes Edit

  • Poor Thing Man - Groove On Fight
  • Incarnation - Groove On Fight

Appearances Edit

  • Groove On Fight

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  • His organization's name is "Worldwide Charity Association”
  • It is possible he may have a connection to Olof Linderoth, as both share a few similar special attacks, are intellectual, dress in suits, share the same fighting style, and wear sunglasses.