"Women love me! I'm too strong! Too sexy!"
Power Instinct Legends

Chuck (チャック) is a character in the Power Instinct series. His only appearance is in Power Instinct Legends, where he was the game's boss. He has not made another appearance since then. While he cannot be selected from the start, he can, however, be accessed through a cheat code.

About Chuck Edit

Chuck was hired by Kanji Kokuin to be the final match against whoever made it to the finals of his Friendly Exhibition Match. He is a narcissistic and extremely overconfident guy, claiming himself to be the strongest man in the world, and in that vein, the sexiest man alive. Since he is an outsider to the family, he is not related to the Goketsuji by blood.

Special Moves Edit

  • High Power Beam - Chuck fires a deadly laser while standing.
  • Low Power Beam - Like the above attack, only he unleashes it while kneeling.
  • Firestorm Cannon - Chuck flies into the air in a circle, unleashing deadly flames in its wake. This move can be done while dashing.
  • Hien Shippu Kyaku (Hurricane kick) - Chuck flies into the air with a combination of kicks.
  • Angry Charge - Chuck powers up his stress meter.
  • Chuck Windy Violence - Throwing himself into the opponent, Chuck unleashes a psychotic combination of attacks, finishing with a Flying Circle Kick.

Power Instinct Legends Teams Edit

Angela Belti Dynamite Pair
Annie Hamilton Beauty and The Beast Pair
Chuck Primitive Pair
Kanji Kokuin Best Friends Pair
Kintaro Kokuin Speedy Pair
Keith Wayne Macho Pair
Kurara Hananokoji Beauty and Ruthless Pair
Kuroko Best Friends Pair
Oshima Goketsuji Death Pair
Otane Goketsuji Primitive Pair
Oume Goketsuji Absolute Worst Pair
Poochy Dynamite Pair
Reiji Oyama Macho Pair
Sahad Asran Ryuto Behind the Scenes Pair
Saizo Hattori Wicked Pair
Super Kurara Beauty and The Beast Pair
Thin Nen Greedy Pair
White Buffalo Wild Pair

Music Theme Edit

  • Osanba Samba - Power Instinct Legends

Related Character Edit


Chuck pi-A



Chuck, with his overconfident smile

  • Chuck is largely a parody of Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia from the Art of Fighting series. Power Instinct Legends also plays similarly to The King of Fighters, so it could be the said the entire game is one big KOF parody.
  • His vocal sounds are borrowed from Reiji Oyama and White Buffalo.
  • He is apparently defeated by Oume in the finals.

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