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This is the movelist for Chuck in his appearance in Power Instinct Legends These moves are when facing right; reverse when facing left.

Power Instinct Legends Edit

Button Layout

A= Light Puch B= Light Kick

C= Hard Punch D= Hard Kick

High Power Beam N/A ↓↘→ + C Chuck fires a deadly laser while standing
Low Power Beam N/A ↓↘→ + A Like the above attack, only he unleashes it while kneeling
Hien Shppu Kyaku Hurricane Kick →↘↓↙← +B or D Chuck flies into the air with a combination of kicks
Firestorm Cannon N/A →↓↘ + B or D Chuck flies into the air in a circle, unleashing deadly flames in its wake. This move can be done while dashing.
Angry Charge N/A ↓↙← + C Chuck powers up his stress meter
Chuck Windy Violence N/A →↓↘ + BD Throwing himself into the opponent, Chuck unleashes a psychotic combination of attacks, finishing with a Flying Circle Kick.

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