Damian Shade
Damian Shade
NicknameDevoted and virtuous pretty boy
Age17 years
BirthdateFebruary 14, 1998
BirthplaceVancouver, Canada
Height169 cm
Weight58 kg
Blood typeAB
OccupationServant to Rudolph Gartheimer
HobbiesRose cultivation
Attack specialtyNone. He doesn't like to fight, he prefers to heal people instead

Damian Shade (デミアン・シェイド) is a character in Groove On Fight. While he basically only watches over Gartheimer's battle in the background, he can be made a playable character by beating the game with any two characters in the console port. It is possible to play as him in the original arcade version via hacking, but he's in a very incomplete state. Damian was voiced by Seiji Kawagishi.

About Damian Edit

Damian is an orphan who was adopted by the Gartheimer family. With time, he became a very special person to his master, Rudolph. Damian is a pacifist and dislikes violence, but his personality totally changes if somebody tries to hurt his master. He has a special power that allows him to heal a living being just by touching them.

Special Moves Edit

  • Hurray Magic: With his fist involved in flames, Damian performs a spining rising uppercout
  • Rose Flash: Damian shoots a rose at the enemy.
  • Damian Body Attack: Damian comes rushing at the opponent using his body to hit him/her.
  • Poison Zone: A three-part combination of corporal attacks
  • Pinch Crusher: Damian Stress shoot consist in three men dressed as Gartheimer came attacking the opponent with their iron balls.

Quotes Edit

Appearances Edit

  • Groove On Fight

Relative Characters Edit


Damian pi-LP



  • He and Rudolph Gartheimer are the first openly gay couple in a fighting game.
  • It seems that at one point, Damian was ment to be playable in the original arcade version, since there's an incomplete (but playable) version of him that can be accessed by ROM hacking. One possible lead to this being true is that Gartheimer does not have an selectable "official" tag partner in this version, indicating Damian was to fill that spot. He was completed for the console port of the game.

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