Devil Nurse
Devil nurse
Devil Nurse as she appears in CR Goketsuji Ichizoku

Devil Nurse is the transformed state of Angela Belti, debuting in CR- Goketsuji Ichizoku.

About Devil Nurse Edit

As Devil Nurse, Angela has a slender Body, slightly shorter hair and wears an ayepatch and a nurse outfit. Her main weapon is a big syringe that is able to shoot energy beams.

The apparition of Devil Nurse happends during a scene where Annie and And Angela are having a conversation and Annie shows to Angela, her profile in a matchmaking website. When Angela saw  Annie's profile picture (where  Annie appears using too much make up ) Angela mocks of her, causing Annie's rage and eventually they begin to fight each other.

If Annie Succefully evade Angela firts Attacks, Angela will Transform into Devil Nurse.

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