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Elias Patrick
Elias portrait
Elias as he appears in Power Instinct Matrimelee.
Age42 years old
BirthdateOctuber 13
Height190 cm
Weight95 kg
Blood typeO+
Favorite foodBread, Red Wine
HobbiesListen classic music, Workout
Attack specialtyBoxiing + Exorcism Talent

Elias Patrick (エリアス・パトリック, Erias Patoriku) is a character who appears in the Rage of the Dragons. Elias was designed by Erick Sánchez(Eri-San) and Mario Vargas (Mr. Vo)


Elias was born into a high class and educated family whom taught him to live a strictly religious life. After a certain family tragedy, he lost his faith in his religion. Sometime afterwards, he was accused for a murder that he did not commit and was sent to prison. His faith was restored by the jail's priest, who taught him how to tone his body naturally as well as the arts of exorcism. Many years later, when he was acquitted and released, Elias dedicated himself to saving people who meet misfortune in their lives.

He built a shelter in Sunshine City and saved many people from strife (he used to house the two siblings, Cassandra and Oni). One day, he received a call from a client requesting his help with a girl named Alice, who was possessed by an awakening evil spirit. Concerned by the girl's condition, he faces the problem of removing the spirit without harming Alice. He believes the answer lies with Johann.

Matrimelee Involvement Edit

Elias is paired up with Annie Hamilton when he appears as a special guest. He participated in the tournament to look after her after the Hamilton family gave a big donation to his church and eventually became good friends with them. However, it is unknown if this is canon.

Special Moves Edit

Music ThemesEdit

  • Exorcism - Rage of the Dragons
  • Heavy! - Matrimelee


  • Rage of the Dragons
  • Power Instinct Matrimelee


Elias rotd-A


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