This Wiki is dedicated to the Power Instinct series. The reason why this wiki exists is to inform people about the series. There are hardly any sites dedicated to it, not because it is a bad series, but because it is often forgotten and it is very different in taste than what people would perceive anywhere else outside of Japan. Despite the series' lukewarm reception everywhere else, it still retains a fairly large enough amount of popularity in its country of origin, and overtime throughout the series' lifespan it has become something of a cult favorite.

The Goketsuji Wiki will try to feature as much information on the Power Instinct series as possible. Most people probably won't bloody care, but Atlus does have official and canonical information and media for the series, and it's quite extensive... just its never left Japan.

If you would like to help sort out this wiki, it would be appreciated very much.

This wiki was started on the 10th of June, 2007. Our first article was Angela Belti. The wiki was also originally going to be called Goketsupedia, but Goketsuji Wiki was decided upon in the end and it's stuck since.

Guidelines Edit

  • What we DO accept (and need):
- Official artwork and information regarding the characters, products, songs, ect. of the Goketsuji Ichizoku / Power Instinct games that Atlus or Noise Factory has released.
- Information regarding the true names of the characters' special attacks and the descriptions of the special attacks that we're not able to access at this time.
- Translated versions of the lyrics of the songs (especially the arranged songs) throughout the series in both Japanese and English (See Let's Go! Onmyoji for an example of what we mean), as well as the theme song names for the characters and the particular games they were featured in.
- Civilized conduct and behavior, good faith, and friendly treatment of everyone who comes here or participates in the development of this wiki.
- It would be preferred that articles are constructed in English.
  • What we DO NOT accept (and do not need):
- Fanart, and/or fanfiction (though you may decorate your personal page with your own fanart if you wish).
- Inappropriate conduct and behavior.
- Information from Wally Domey's History FAQ on the series.

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