The Gokuenshouryuudan (literally Hellfire Rising Gust Bomb), or also known as the "Flaming Dragon Bomb", is one of Saizo Hattori's techniques and has appeared in every game he's been in. Saizo pulls out a large black ball, and hurls it at the floor. As it lands, it explodes into a large blast of flame that rises upward. Depending on the strength button pressed, it will either detonate nearby in front of Saizo, or far off, providing him with either offense or defense, and knocks down the opponent if it connects.

Since Power Instinct Legends, Saizo has gained a feinting variant of this attack where he tosses a fake bomb to psyche-out other players. He also has a more powerful variant of this attack where he spins into the air and unleashes several bombs all at once, or, since Matrimelee, one by one.

In the aforementioned Legends, Saizo could also perform this technique in the air.

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