Grey O'Brien
GreyO normal
Age21 years
BirthdateAugust 10, 1975
Height180 cm
Weight78 kg
Blood typeO
Footsize27 cm
Three sizesWhy would you like to know a man's measurements?
Favorite colorBlack
Favorite foodI eat even the wind
Least favorite foodThere is not such thing
OccupationLeader of Miracle World's army
HobbiesCollecting swords and armors, having good times with Urara

Grey O'Brien (グレイ・オブライエン) is a character designed for the game Purikura Daisakusen. He was voiced by seiyuu Takeshi Yamane

About Grey Edit

Only son of the king of a nearby Kingdom. In order to be the successor of the throne, he was sent to train to MiracleWorld where he became the leader of Miracle World army. As the time went by, he established a friendly relationship with the three princesses from Miracle World, eventually developing a love relationship with Urara, the eldest sister and because of that, currently he is the candidate to become the next King of Miracle World.

After returning from a journey to his Kingdom to the residence of his girlfriend, he found Miracle World invaded by machine like beings. As he was fighting against the enemy, Grey could feel something weird on him and noted that his body was slowly changing. During his way to the castle, he found princess Kirara, whom told him that Urara was Kidnapped and that they should escape. Thanks to the power of the miracle gem that Kirara brought along with her, he wasn't converted completely into an animal, like all the other habitants of the kingdom, instead, he was transformed into a half beast-half human being. Unlike Kurara and Kirara, who can transform into grown-up women with the power of the gems, Grey becomes his real form for a while.

Grey Likes shiny stuff, specially armors or weapons that have a fresh polished look and to his dismay, he doesn't like cats and dogs, also dislikes crowds, cause he feels pressured to look cool and perfect(due to being a candidate to rule a whole kingdom) when he is surrounded by people.

Gameplay Edit

In his beast form, Grey can shot fireballs from his mouth and use his giant paws to attack the enemies in a close range. He is the slowest character in the game but also the strongest, usually takes one or two hits with his close range attack to defeat most of the enemies(except bosses). In his human form, he can shot energy waves from his hand.

Related CharacterEdit

Urara Apricot: Fiance

Kurara Apricot : Sister in law

Kirara Apricot : Sister in law

Artwork Edit

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