Heaven's Gate
Genre3D Versus Fighting
ModesUp to 2 players simultaneously
Arcade systemSony ZN-1
DisplayHorizontal, 640 x 480 pixels, 60.00 Hz, 65536 colors
PlatformsArcade, Sony Playstation

Heaven's Gate is a 3D fighting game developed by Racdym and published by Atlus. Heaven's Gate was ported to Playstation which was released only in Japan and in Europe as Yusha: Heaven's Gate.

It is notable in that one of the characters of the Power Instinct series, Kurara Hananokoji, made a guest appearance in the game as one of the hidden characters in the console port.


Devils have started to invade the world by giving humans evil power. In order to protect the world, the kingdom of Heaven has also begun to lend divine power to humans... As a result, a battle between good and evil has begun, using the human's world as the battlefield.

Gameplay Edit

The game has eight playable characters at the start with some ohter hidden characters that can be unlocked under certain conditions. Each character has their own normal moves, special moves, speciality and lineage. the player should defeat eight characters controled by the computer in order to fight against the boss of the game who will vary depending of the lineage of the player's character. Once the player defeat the boss the staff roll credits are shown and the game is over.

the game uses a 3 buttons layout being one button for punch, one for kick and one for guard. the animation and/or strenght of the attack may vary deppending of how quick the buttons are pressed. By pressing the guard and the punch button together the throwing move of each character is performed. The special move of each characters are performed by making combinations of buttons and stick movements. As usual in fighting games the special moves cause more damage to the rival. When the energy bar of one of the characters gets empty the round is over, being the winner of the match the one who wins twos rounds.

All the character can punish a rival who is lying on the flor by pressing up + the punch button, pressing this combination will cause the character will throw him/her self at a defenseless opponent.

Right under the energy bar of each player is a the "Speciality Bar", this bar is progressily filled by attacking the opponent or taking damage. When the bar is totally full, pressing the guard, kick and punch buttons at the same time the character gets into Sol/Lunar(depending of the character speciality) Attack mode, when the character is into the Sol/lunar release he/she will be unvulnerable for a few seconds alllowing to build power. the poewer will sllowly decrease but while the character have power will be able to perform these moves:

Sol/ Lunar Assault: by pressing down twice plus guard, kick and punch buttons together. is an attack that varies deppending of the character.

Bounce Attacks: Pressing down, up plus kick buttong, the character will jump to grasp the ceiling, then lauching him/her self to the opponent.

Sol/lunar Power Assault: These are supermoves that make great damage to the oppnent and have unique inputs for each character.

Characters Edit


Age: 31 years 
Sex: Male
Birthplace: Congo
Speciality: Sol
Lineage: Angel
Ahau is a warrior born in the congo. There are rumors that he is homosexual.


Age: 38 years
Sex: Male
Birthplace: United Kingdom
Speciality: Lunar
Lineage: Demon
A man that hides his face under a helmet. He belongs to the british special forces. He is very good using knifes and really enjoys to kill people with them.


Age: 4 years
Sex: Unknown
Birthplace: USA
Speciality: I love Sasa
Lineage: Insect
A artificial life being result of an experiment made in united states. It felt in love with Sasa and fights to protect it.


Age: 108 years
Sex: Male
Birthplace: China
Speciality: Sol
Lineage: Demon
Engetsu decided to live as a hermit on the deep of China's mountains. He fghts to defend his homeland from human beings.


Age: Unknown
Sex: Unknown
Lineage: Devil
Geezer is the last boss assigned for the characters that have a lineage different from "Demon". Story and other details about it are unknown.

Hananokoji KuraraEdit

Age: 15 years
Sex: Female
Birthplace: Miracle World
Speciality: Miracle Power
Lineage: Hananokoji
Kurara is a character from the Goketsuji Ichizoku series. She appears as a secret unlockable character in the console ports of heavens gate. As the game doesnt have endings or intros, details about her participation on Heaven's Gate are unknown.

Minabe KyohyaEdit

Age: ??
Sex: Male
Birthplace: ??
Speciality: ??
Lineage: ??
Voice Actor: Ishizuka Katashi
Kyohya is a hidden character in the playstation port of Heaven's Gate, for some strange reason he is selectable in vs mode only, as the vs mode's character select screen lacks the character data window, the few information bits for him are unknown, but he seems to be Kyosuke's brother. Strangely, he is the character with most alternate costumes, having 4 of them.

Minabe KyosukeEdit

Age: 27 years
Sex: Male
Birthplace: Japan
Speciality: Lunar
Lineage: Demon
Voice Actor: Ishizuka Katashi
A demon that actually hates his lineage. He fights to help to the forces of heaven to win the battle againts demons.

Saikawa NanaseEdit

Age: 17 years
Sex: Female
Birthplace: Japan
Speciality: Sol
Lineage: Angel
Nanase is a young girl that fight in order to restore the dojo of her family. She was childhood friend of Shindo Jin.


Age: 5 years
Sex: Unknown
Birthplace: USA
Speciality: Unknown
Lineage: Plant
Is an artificial life-being with feminine appearence. It was produced in united states. it's creators are curently testing it's stability. The results shows that, since it started to fight, It slowly begun to whiter.

Shindo JinEdit

Age: 21 years
Sex: Male
Birthplace: Japan
Speciality: Unknown
Lineage: Unknown
Voice Actor: Ishizuka Katashi
A young man that apparently enjoys fighting againts strong opponents. His intentions are unknown.


Age: 21 years
Sex: Female
Speciality: Lunar
Lineage: Demon
Verny is a professional model and dancer. She tend to be to picky at the time of having a boyfriend, so , she is currently looking for a man that be good looking but also stronger than her.


Birthplace: Unknown
Speciality: Unknown
Lineage: God
Unknow is the final boss assigned for the characters with a demon lineage or contrary to good. Story and any other details are unknown

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