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James Lewis
Jimmy as he appears in Power Instinct Matrimelee.
Alternate namesJimmy Lee
Age24 years old
BirthdateOctuber 8
Height183 cm
Weight83 kg
Blood typeA
Favorite foodPasta, Beer
OccupationStreet Fighter
HobbiesFighting worthy opponents
Attack specialtyRyu Zui Ken + Street Fighting
Billy Lee(Younger Brother)

James Lewis (ジェームス・ルイス, Jaehmusu Ruisu), better known as Jimmy (ジミー), is one of the main characters in Rage of the Dragons. Jimmy was designed by Mario Vargas(Mr. Vo).


Jimmy is the older brother of Billy who accompanied him on their many adventures in the streets. However, both brothers soon grew tired of the physical abuse and moved to Sunshine City with their uncle. There, both brothers were introduced to Master Lee Song, who taught them the Ryu Zui Ken techniques. Jimmy was taught the ways of the "Red Dragon" to prepare him for the trials he would have to face.

Unlike his younger brother, Jimmy has always been involved with the local gangs. A powerful gang, whom Jimmy refused to join, killed his lover, Marian. Enraged, he and Billy defeated every member of the gang in vengeance. However, once he hears that his brother was involved with her death, he broke off all ties with Billy by leaving Lee Song's dojo and Sunshine City.

Jimmy continues his life as a famous street fighter, both for the money and the thrill. He got the scar across his face after he was badly injured by an unknown fighter. Due to his training with the Red Dragon spirit, Jimmy eventually returns to Sunshine City as he felt the resonance of an evil dragon. He reluctantly enters the tournament with Sonia Romanenko, who followed him to his old home. In both of his endings, he visits Marian's grave and refuses anyone's help. He is confident that he can defeat the "Black Dragon" by himself.

Matrimelee Involvement Edit

In Matrimelee where he makes an appearance as a guest star, he is paired up with White Buffalo as his training partner. Whether or not this is canon is unknown, however.

Special Moves Edit

Music ThemesEdit

  • Dragon's Blues - Rage of the Dragons
  • Anger! - Matrimelee


  • Rage of the Dragons
  • Power Instinct Matrimelee


Jimmy rotd-A

References Edit

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