Kirara Apricot
Kirara better
Age15 years
BirthdateNovember 12, 1981
BirthplaceMiracle World
Height160 cm
Blood typeAB
Three sizesB:?? cm W:?? cm H:?? cm
Favorite colorMarine Blue
Favorite foodCake, Chocolate... or even better a Chocolate cake(Specially Sachertorte)
Least favorite foodNone in particular
HobbiesReading and Cooking
FamilyUrara Apricot(Elder Sister)
Kurara Apricot (Twin Sister )

Kirara Apricot (キララ・アプリコット) is a character designed for the game ''Purikura Daisakusen . She was voiced by seiyuu Tomoe Hanba

About Kirara Edit

Kirara is one of the three royal sisters from Miracle world and the younger twin of princess Kurara. She has a sweet and tender personality and always is smiling and tinkering, but also can be pretty methodic and stay calm in chaotic situations. When she realized that the barrier that protected her castle was destroyed, she went to the dormitory of Urara and took the Miracle gem with her to avoid the invasors to stole it. Being able to defend herself with her magic abilities Kirara managed to scape from the castle to meet with Grey, so together, went in search of Kurara to make a plan to defeat the Scrap Empire and save Miracle World.

Kirara likes reading and her favorite books are those that come from planet earth. She doesn't like frogs and lizards. Her ideal man would be someone that understands her and get along well with her.

Kurara magical attack consists in shooting ice cubes from her magic wand, as she increases her power, more cubes will be shoot, being four cubes per shoot at the maximum level. For her close range attack she will use a big spiked iron ball to smack the enemies.

She have the ability to transform in an adult version of herself called Super Kirara

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Artwork Edit

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