This is the movelist for Kuroko in his appearance in Power Instinct Legends These moves are when facing right; reverse when facing left.

  • Special Attacks
Hi Sen Chou (飛扇鳥)- Kuroko throws a fan at the opponent.

↓↘→ + Punch

Hana Geige Kitsui Senka (迎撃墜扇)- Kuroko leaps into the air, slashing with his fans

→↓↘ + Punch

Mugen Mangetsu Dan(夢幻満月弾)- Kuroko pulls out a large red iron ball, and launches it at an opponent

→↘↓↙← + Punch

Fu restsu Ra(風裂来飛)- Kuroko swings into the air, twirling with his fan

→↘↓↙← + Kick


Oboro Dukuyo (朧月夜)- Kuroko pulls out a large bazooka and fires objects at the opponent. If one holds a direction down while using the attack, it will launch a different set of objects (another kuroko and a series of bombs).

press the four attack buttons at the same time

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