The Love Me Whip is one of Angela Belti's signature techniques and has appeared in virtually all of her appearances to date. As she shouts the name of her attack, Angela pulls out a long whip and cracks it through the air. It is a very long-range technique, and the only ways it can be avoided are if you are in the air, or are all the way on the opposite-hand side of the screen.

In the inaugural Power Instinct, this attack reached out straight ahead, with little difference between the attacks with whichever strength button pushed. However, starting with Power Instinct 2, the attack struck toward the floor and into the air, providing Angela with a bit of anti-air defense. The direction the whip would go in depended on the strength button pressed. In her latest appearances, a flame element was added to the attack.

A slight variant on this technique, the Thunder Whip, was featured in Power Instinct Legends, and was basically the fierce punch Love Me Whip with the Thunder Wall technique added.

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