The Mori ra Kyou was one of Otane Goketsuji's special techniques, having first appeared in Power Instinct 2, and then appeared in Power Instinct Legends. It is perhaps one of her most devastating attacks. Otane pulls out a mirror and unleashes her spirit out of it, which barrels into the opponent with a fierce barrage of punches as it moves through.

In Power Instinct 2, Otane would sometimes use this technique as a regular special attack. This technique was very dangerous, as it can deal a lot of damage if unblocked, taking away a good portion of the player's health. The move has a bit of a delay before execution, leaving her open to an attack, which can be capitalized on if the player is in the right spot and reacts quickly before she can fire the projectile.

In Power Instinct Legends, the move resurfaced, but this time was Otane's super attack, perhaps to differentiate her some more from Oume.

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