Otoko no Karatemichi (男の空手道) is Reiji Oyama's theme song in Power Instinct, Power Instinct 2, Power Instinct Legends, and Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou, and is sung by the Reiji Oyama Ohendan. The original Japanese version of the song in PI2 had a voice that would say something after the initial lyrics played and before the song's tempo changed. The PI Legends version of the song was called Otoko no Karatemichi: Yakyuu Ouenfuu, which was a baseball-themed remix of the song.

The lyrics for this song are from Otoko no Karatemichi: Part II, his song in Power Instinct 2.


男の空手道 Otoko no Karatemichi Man's Karate Way
いばらの道を幾千里 Ibara no michio Ikusenri through thousand miles of thorny path
進んで鍛えたこの体 Susunde kitaeta kono karada His body is willing to training more
男の意地を貫けば Otoko no ijio tsuranukeba He has the man's spirit to go further
やがては漲るド根性 Yagate wa minagiru do konjō His will-power will prevail
あーあー紅の ah ah ah Kurenai no Ah ah ah with the sunset 's
夕日を背に向けて Yūhi o se ni mukete Sun behind his back
あーあーいざや行け ah ah ah Iza Ya Ike Ah ah ah he follows
男の空手道 Otoko no karatemichi The man's Karate way
お前と俺は宿命の Omae to ore wa shukumei no This is our fate
闘い終えるその日まで Tatakai owaru sonohi made The fight will end after
修行の日々の繰り返し Shugyō no hibi no kurikaeshi Several days of intense training
血の汗流すこの拳 Chi no ase nagasu kono kobushi Until our fist are covered by blood and sweat
あーあー青い月 Ah ah ah Aoi tsuki Ah ah ah With the blue moon
瞳に焼き付けて Hitomi ni yakitsukete reflecting into his eyes
あーあーいざや行け ah ah ah Iza Ya Ike Ah ah ah he follows
男の空手道 Otoko no karatemichi The man's Karate way

Video Edit

500px Otoko no Karatemichi: Kanzen Ban, featured in Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou.

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