The Raikoukyaku (雷孔脚,literally Thunder Roaring Kick) is one of Reiji Oyama's special moves and has appeared in every one of his playable appearances. Reiji basically unleashes a non-stop barrage of lightning-fast kicks that hit the opponent several times. The speed of the attacks were determined by the strength button that was repeatedly tapped, and more hits can follow if the player continues tapping the button rapidly. In the first three games, the move could continue indefinitely as long as the player kept tapping the buttons. Since Matrimelee, however, the attacks only continue for a short time.

Since Power Instinct Legends, Reiji has been able to use this technique while dashing to make it a more fearsome technique. Additionally and only featured in the same game, when the button was tapped for a long enough time, he would periodically launch fireballs from his leg that moved upwards to provide more of an anti-air defense.

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