OUME: You've come a long way,…… I have kept the seat as clan leader for 12 years, so you don’t have a chance!!
GARTHEIMER: The day of your defeat has arrived….I have been waiting for this day. As result of my ambition, I will bury you!!


GARTHEIMER: Wa, ha,ha,ha,ha! I have the Goketsuji clan in my hands!!
UME&TANE: Damn!!You defeated us!
UME&TANE: What's going on?!!…something is wrong,The aircraft is falling down!
GARTHEIMER: Are you ready to be led by someone inferior?Goketsuji leader!
UME&TANE: Led us…Gartheimer!!you are not allowed to be here!!
GARTHEIMER: That’s me? He is a copycat. Which is the purpose of this guy?
UME&TANE: Hump…Gartheimer Family,Once part of the Goketsuji clan.Hump …It’s leader Rudolf,Their ambition for power.This awful people,of all the things they made,the worst was when then tried to manipulate the things to surpass the power of the clan, just placing the clan at risk!The Gartheimer Family was kick it out the Goketsuji Clan, hmm,I knew this day will come.
GARTHEIMER: Enough,You did it well.But I have to kill you right now.
UME&TANE: Wait!Please wait. 

We are not the leaders anymore.These two just became the new leaders!Even if you want to fight against us, first you have to defeat the new Goketsuji leaders.What a shame, Let’s escape as they are fighting! farewell!!

GARTHEIMER: Well,not bad for a insect like you.I will immediately kill you.
GARTHEIMER: Uh? This will be fun.


GARTHEIMER: This copy must die in his misery!
DAMIAN: Oh no!! Don’t leave me!!
BRISTOL: Good-for-nothing!
GARTHEIMER: You shoot him? You killed the fellow of this copy cowardly
BRISTOL: So, you were not so thought after all Gartheimer.I guess I will have to directly take you down.


GARTHEIMER: From the beginning the result was obvious. I’ m always the strongest, Mr.!
GARTHEIMER: Well…I will give you two options, to leave or be killed by me. I will destroy the Goketsuji by myself, you are useless
DAMIAN: I… I ‘m scared


DAMIAN: WO, Wohoaaa…
GARTHEIMER: Again?This is no funny anymore
BRISTOL: I will show you…My true nature… But first I will play a little bit with your partner!!


GARTHEIMER: That was pathetic!....The defeat suits you most
BRISTOL: You Fool!! You made me angry!! I’ll kill you, I’ll Kill you!!
SOLIS: I finally got you, Bristol!! As a Goketsuji decendant and as time-space police investigator I can’t let you to destroy de Goketsuji family!!…come here , I’ll Sent you back to the year 2115.It’s going to be an uncomfortable trip, but now you will not be able to return to the past, keep you far from here will be the best.
BRISTOL: S, Stop…I know what will happen, if I return there I am lost!!stop stop, stop, stop, stooop!!!!
GARTHEIMER: Am I complete? Seems that I am the Winner. Well…That was natural.



ON JUNE 13 A.D.2015


(Ha…There is no more Goketsuji clan and Bristol is death…After all, I got rid of all my enemies)

The Goketsuji and Gartheimer’s superior, Bristol, were defeated, Gartheimer doesn’t have any obstacles in the world…


Suddenly… with a loud noise the windshield collapsed.

(Uh? Who is it? You!!!)

Suddenly, a bearded man with a headband on his head, intruded into. Gartheimer Shouted

(Aaaaough!! Dammed!  I defeated that hag, how dare you to invade my office!! Oyama Reiji get out of here!!!)

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