Chinmoku no Sabage (沈黙のサバゲー, Silent Survival Game) is a song in Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou used as the stage song for Takumi Hattori.

Lyrics Edit

沈黙のサバゲー Chinmoku no Sabage Silent Survival Game
マスクの奥に 漲る闘 mask no okuni minagiru toushi A fighting spirit rise up from  the inside of that mask
気合を入れて 匍匐前進 kiai wo irete hohukuzenshin Moving stealthily and with energy
皆との会話は 苦手だけれど minnatono kaiwa wa nigate dakeredo Although he is not good talking with anyone
ゲリラ戦には 必要ないさ guerrilla sen niwa hitsuyou naisa that is not required in a guerrilla warfare
敵の陣地へ突撃だ BB弾を補充しろ tekino jinchi e totsugeki da BBdan wo hoju shiro

To assault the enemy's territory

he recharges his airsoft pellets

言葉はいらない 気配で感じろ kotoba wa iranai kehai de kanjiro With his code language,  words are not necessary to express himself
ポパペパププー ポパペパププ popapepapupu popapepapupu popapepapupu popapepapupu
沈黙のサバゲー chinmoku no sabage Silent Survival Game

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