This is the movelist for Sujiroku Tenjinbashi in his appearance in Groove On Fight. These moves are when facing right; reverse when facing left.

  • Special Attacks
Haru(春)- enjinbashi sends a wave of sakura petals flying at the enemy

↓↙← + Weak Punch

Natsu(夏)- Tenjinbashi slams the ground with his sticks, creating a pillar of lightning

↓↙← + Strong Punch

Aki(秋)- Tenjinbashi summons a leaf down from the sky to hit the opponent. While slow, it can prove quite effective

↓↙← + Weak Kick

Fuyu(冬)- Tenjinbashi summons a ball of snow that will roll toward the opponent and hit them with the power of ice

↓↙← + Strong Kick

Shishi Gashira(獅子頭)- An odd attack in which Tenjinbashi enlarges his masked head to chomp on the opponent. Can also be done while dashing.

Press both Punch buttons at the same time

San Nen Goroshi(三年殺)- Tenjinbashi slides a bit forward with his sticks extended. If it connects, he will grab the opponent and hit them with a blast of lightning, and a bomb will hover above their heads. The bomb will explode shortly thereafter.

↓↘→↗ + Kick

Tenchijin-Jinshin-(天地人-人神)- - A three-part chain move where Tenjinbashi slams his foe to the ground and scrapes them along it before uppercutting them high into the air.

↓↘→↗ + Punch

Tenchijin-Chijin (天地人-地神)

↓↘→↗ + Punch (During Jin Shin)

Tenchinjin-Tenjin (天地人-天神)-

↓↘→↗ + Punch (During Chijin)


Tsutenroku Shakudama(通天六尺玉)- Tenjinbashi leaps forward and slams his sticks on the ground with a huge blast of flame. If it hits, it will send the opponent sky high in an explosion of fireworks.

↓↓ + Kick

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