This is the movelist for Oume & Otane in their appearance in Groove On Fight. These moves are when facing right; reverse when facing left.

  • Special Attacks
Gan Saishi(岩砕歯)-

Hold ← Then → + Punch

Ko Shiki Gan Saishi(甲式岩砕歯)-

Hold → then ← Punch

Ikaku Gan(威嚇顔)-

Hold ↓ then ↑ + Punch

Bodo Korin (母堂降臨)-

Press Both Punch buttons at the same time

Ryusei Ranbu Dan (星流乱舞弾)-

→ + Punch repeatidly

Ten Bu Kyaku (天舞脚)-

↑ ↓ + Kick on air

Chi Bu Kyaku -Sei Bu Kyaku-(地舞脚-青舞脚)

Hold ← Then → + Kick

Chi Bu Kyaku -Ki Bu Kyaku-(地舞脚-黄舞脚)

Hold ← Then → + Kick (During Sei Bu Kyaku)

Chi Bu Kyaku-Shi Bu Kyaku-(地舞脚-紫舞脚)

Hold ← Then → + Kick (During Ki Bu Kyaku)


Ichizoku(族)- ↓↓ + Kick

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