Urara Apricot
Urara better
Age21 years
BirthdateFebruary, 03 1975
BirthplaceMiracle World
Height170 cm
Weight?? Kg
Blood typeA
Footsize23.5 cm
Three sizesB:84cm W:56cm H:86
Favorite colorLight Green
Favorite foodHerbal Tea
Least favorite foodBubble textured food(Red Caviar, Tarako )
OccupationQueen, Teacher
HobbiesCollecting tea cups
FamilyKirara Apricot(younger Sister)
Kurara Apricot (younger Sister )

Urara Apricot (ウララ・アプリコット) is a character designed for the game ''Purikura Daisakusen . She was voiced by seiyuu Mizusawa Jun

About Kirara Edit

The eldest of the Apricot sister and Ruler of Miracle World. Urara has a nice, temperate personality with a strong sense of responsability. Aside of being the queen of Miracle world, she is also a powerful magician and has her job of strengthening the magic abilities of the habitants of the kingdom working as instructor in the Royal Academy of Magic of Miracle World. Currently is Grey's girlfriend.

Before her castle was invaded, she was already taking measures to minimalize the damage caused by the enemies. She encomended her younger sister Kirara, to take care of the Miracle Gem and find Grey to ask him for help to erradicate the enemies. Urara was eventually taken as hostage during the invasion made by the Scrap Empire.

Urara loves to cutivate herbs and dislikes insects, specially the ones with long legs she also have a collection of rounded umbrellas.

Her ideal man would be someone mature, strong and trustworthy (Grey)

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Artwork Edit

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