Wakusei Pentagin Boshi Enka is the theme song for Kokuin Kintaro stage in Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou. This song is a cover of the song Warugaki Yochien Enka that was used as background music for Kokuin Kintaro in Power Instinct 2 and Goketsuji Legends. The song was performed by the friends from the Pentaguin Planet.


惑星ペンタギン星歌 Wakusei Pentagin Boshi Enka Planet Pentagin Star Song
さあみんな 元気良く行ってみよう さん、はい! Saa minna genkiyoku ittemiyou san hai! Come on everybody, Let's sing it loud! One! Two!
ぼくらはみんな 戦争大好き Bokura wa minna senso(beep) daisuki All of us love war(censored)
ぼくらはみんな 侵略大好き Bokura wa minna sinryaku(beep) daisuki All of us love violence(censored)
いつだって にこやかに Itsudatte nikoyakani Always smiling
いつだって 元気よく Itsudatte genkiyoku Always cheerfully
攻撃しよう kogeki siyou let's attack
みんなの ほら ふるさとさ Minna no hora hurusatosa We will see you at our home
惑星ペンタギン Wakusei Pentagin Planet Pentagin
さあみんな 元気良くもう一回行ってみよう さん、はい! aa minna genkiyoku mouikkai ittemiyou san hai! Come on everybody, Let's Sing One More Time! One, Two!
ぼくらはみんな 実験大好き Bokura wa minna jikken daisuki All of us love to make experiments
ぼくらはみんな 解剖大好き Bokura wa minna kaibou daisuki All of us love to make dissections
いつだって 楽しそうに Itsudatte tanoshisouni Is always funny
いつだって 容赦なく Itsudatte yousha naku always ruthessly
誘拐しよう Yuukai siyou Let's kidnap you
みんなが ほら 犠牲者さ Minnaga hora giseisha sa Everybody will be our victims in the
惑星ペンタギン Wakusei pentagin Planet Pentagin

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