Warugaki Yochien Enka (悪ガキ幼稚園 園歌), literally Evil Brat Kindergarten song, is Kinta Kokuin's theme song in Power Instinct 2 and Power Instinct Legends, and is sung by the Warugaki Kindergarten Kids and their Teacher. The PI Legends version is called Enji Ensou Ni Yoru Aku Gaki Youchien Enka. A somewhat remixed version has recently been featured again in Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou, this time sung by Sadakichi and his friends from the Pentagin Planet, under the name Wakusei Pentagin Boshi Enka, and featured somewhat different lyrics.


悪ガキ幼稚園 園歌 Warugaki Yochien Enka Evil Brats Kindergarten Song
さあみんな、元気よくいってみよう! さん、はい! Saaminna, genkiyoku ittemiyou! San, hai! Come on everybody, Let's sing it loud! One! Two!
僕らはみんな 賭け事大好き Bokura wa minna kakegoto daisuki! All of us like to play
僕らはみんな 喧嘩も大好き Bokura wa minna kenka mo daisuki! Also we like to fight
いつだって くじけずに Itsu datte kujikezuni! We are always strong
いつだって 元気よく Itsu datte genki yoku! We are always excellently vigorous
タイマンはろう taiman wa rou we are also lazy
みんなのほれ溜まり場さ minna no hore tamariba sa Everybody loves to hang-out
悪ガキ幼稚園 Warugaki youchien! In the Evil Brat Kindergarten
さあみんな、元気よくもう一回いってみよう!さん、はい! Saaminna, genkiyoku mouikkai ittemiyou! San, hai! Come on everybody, Let's Sing One More Time! One, Two!

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